I’m pretty new to the platform and am about to start Part 3 of @manton’s book. So, I may be missing something. Here’s what I’m struggling with.

If a person lives by the timeline, it’s straightforward to read and interact with other users. But from a blog perspective, it’s really hard to interact or start a conversation based on a post.

Here’s a possible real-case scenario. A person googles something, ends-up reading an old post on someone’s Micro.blog blog, and wants to leave a comment. The problem is: there’s no simple way to reply. By the time that person figures out what Micro.blog is and how it works, the opportunity to interact with that post will be lost for good. And in a situation like this, even a Micro.blog user will have a hard time scrolling the other person’s timeline in search for that post to be able to reply to it.

In my humble opinion, every blog post should have a “reply” or “comment” button/link that would let Micro.blog users reply right there. As for non-users, maybe an invitation to subscribe.

Am I missing something here, @jean?